Helping with the guild

There are several ways to become part of the guild. You don’t necessarily have to be a climber. To get on the guild announcement list just send an e-mail to and ask to be put on the announcement list. This list is used to spread information about guild related events and is very low traffic. If you wish to host a guild event, or help out with the logistics of a guild event please e-mail us as well. You do not need to be a climber to help with guild events.


There are two tiers of guild trainers. Guild climbing trainers and Guild rigging trainers. The skill checklist for each is below but just because you meet the skill requirements does not automatically qualify you a trainer. You must come to guild events and receive acknowledgement from the group.


  • Trainers must follow techniques as laid out in guides including safety checks

  • Can tie all knots in the guides literally blindfolded.
  •  Anchors: Tension-less, basket hitch
  • Understanding of physics involved in traverse line angles and anchor redirects (vol. 2)
  • Understanding of line setting techniques including throw bags, bow entry, & girth hitching
  • Retrievable anchors (line drape, retrieve gear [two ring cambium savers], use of tag lines
  • Training setups should, whenever possible, use double lines and lines that can be belayed from the ground.
  • Familiarity with different harness types (rock, arborist, and industrial)
  • Familiar with eights and ATCs.
  •  Ability to do basic rescue. Climber pick off from double and single lines.
  • Can ascend a line, pass a knot, then transfer to a new line and desend… Blindfolded.

  • All criteria of being a climbing trainer
  • Anchors: “bunny ears”
  • Haul systems. Ability to identify haul system ratios and ability to set up z rigs, compound, and complex systems. Must be able to set up a haul system to raise a climber using minimal gear (i.e. rescue from the top)
  •  Can set up tri/bi/monopods
  • Can build, rig, and set platforms

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